Integrative Psychiatry
with Magnetic Brain  Stimulation


Offering higher-level holistic care for:


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TMS Therapy

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation serves as an alternative to psychiatric medications. It is an intensive, FDA-approved medical therapy that is proven to treat depression more effectively than any antidepressant on the market by more than 50%. There are no serious side effects, and it can be used as an elective or enhancement therapy for a variety of conditions.

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HH Psychiatry

Rather than relying heavily on drug therapy, our care philosophy is to help you manage and modify a more minimalistic medication regime. Each of our board certified psychiatrists brings unique training and a particular skillset to our integrative approach, which includes: TMS Therapy, Psychiatric Evaluations, Brain Mappings, Protocol Supervision, & Medicinals Support.


Holistic Care

We are big believers in counseling as a foundation of proper mental health, and our program therapy serves as a great intro to care. Our other holistic services & products are available to complete a full spectrum of care and to complement some of our higher-level services. We structure different levels of program intensity to accommodate the individual needs of every client.


Innovative therapies. Holistic approach.

Relentless care standards drive results.


Commitment to Care.

A member of our medical supervision team, each specialist with over 30 years of experience in the Southern New Jersey community, will serve as your dedicated care resource. We uphold a forward-thinking care model and a philosophy that aims to deliver lasting results without side effects.

Expect A Firm Commitment To:

✓ Best practices in all things mental health

✓ Results with minimal drug therapy 

✓ Care transparency & accessibility

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