Holistic Care

A full spectrum of integrated services at one location


BIOFEEDBACK & neurotherapy

We teach coherency and mindfulness using a Biosound system. Biofeedback & Neurotherapy integrates counseling and real-life applications with quantifiable progress metrics.


Lab work & Genetic Testing

Walk-ins for Lab Work and/or Drug Screenings are accommodated during Monday through Friday business hours. Please call ahead to coordinate any Genetic Testing Kits.


Guided Training

Guided training is available for: Restorative Yoga, Breathwork Physiology, Strength & Core Training, Massage Therapy and more to help heal your body while you heal your mind.



We have high-grade nutraceuticals, medicinals, & essential oils available to offer pure supplements that naturally support healthy neuroactivity. All supplements have been thoroughly researched and are from top-quality industry brands.



Our infrared sauna allows you to truly sweat from the core. Far-Infrared heat warms the body's cells faster than air, steam, or exercise, and helps systemically with anxiety, detox, and inflammation.


Specialized Consultation

Schedule a consultation with one of our team members to learn about the many individualized service options that can help you or a loved one in treating, depression, anxiety, post-detox addiction, obsessive thinking, or emotional trauma.