Treatment Results


The graph above displays a comparative analysis of recommended higher-level therapies that target Major Depressive Disorder (MDD).

The graph above displays a comparative analysis of recommended higher-level therapies that target Major Depressive Disorder (MDD).


Traditional Antidepressants

→23% Remission, 40% Response

TMS Therapy In Clinical TRIALS

→45% Remission, 68% Response

HH TMS Therapy Program

→55% Remission, 80% Response

TMS Therapy is

Over 2x more effective than Drug Therapy!

(with no major side effects)


All HH care data was collected comprehensively from over 5 years of specialized TMS Therapy care. Data includes 150+ cases of intensive TMS Therapy (> 20 tx sessions). Only self-reported, standardized treatment metrics were included.



“I have my life back!”

"Seven months ago I was so depressed I wasn’t able to function. After 6 weeks of NeuroStar TMS Therapy, I was back to work and was feeling great, enjoying my kids again, and I had my life back!"

— Craig


"I highly recommend the services and staff here. They are professional and caring. The services center on whole mind and body healing."

“I highly recommend it.”

"I feel much better than I ever did before I underwent treatment! I highly recommend it to anyone who has struggled with medication. I still work with the The Healing House to stay on track."

— Spencer


"Very caring and compassionate staff, very professional, much better than any other practice where I have received care!"

"The Healing House has forever changed my life... Thank you Healing House!" 

The Healing House has forever changed my life. For years I suffered with migraines, chronic pain, anxiety, and stress with no relief in sight. Each day was more difficult, relationships were strained, and working was impossible. As fate would have it, my husband visited the The HH facility and recommended that I check out the good vibes he got. The unique THRIVE program with a holistic, full-body approach was designed exactly for my needs. Over the course of several weeks, I finally felt relief. Counseling taught me to combat my anxiety with several calming techniques including EFT tapping. Guided Yoga kept my stress under control and made me grounded enough to rebuild my energy and strength. Most importantly, what makes The Healing House special was the professional and supportive team. I couldn’t have asked for better people to assist me on the road to recovery. Thank you Healing House!

— April C.

"Nothing short of outstanding."

"The level of care & compassion I received from the staff was nothing short of outstanding. They made me feel very comfortable as soon as I arrived. I highly recommend the Healing House."

"I LOVE this place!"

"I LOVE this place! The staff is fantastic, caring, empathetic & knowledgeable. They made me feel so comfortable; they provided individualized & genuine care. Thank you Healing House!"


"Professional, intelligent staff."

"Great team and great services."

"This is such a beautiful house of healing."

"This is such a beautiful house of healing. The wonderful services they offer like biofeedback and one-to-one yoga are top notch. I tried them all while during my four weeks of daily TMS treatments. I feel that the TMS was a success - it seems to have given me more balance, the ability to relax, improved impulse control and I just feel more stable and optimistic. Thank you to their amazing tech Mike too who makes the treatments bearable day after day!"

"Thank you to everyone at the Healing House."

"Thank you to everyone at The Healing House for showing me my life has purpose and that you can do whatever you want in this life if you really put your mind to it!"

"My depression and anxiety were greatly improved."

"The staff was so friendly, upbeat, and authentic. The quality of care was thorough, and my depression and anxiety were greatly improved by the end of treatment. I will miss coming here every day."


"The only place to go."

"The Healing House is the only place to go. I trust them completely. They all are professional and have your best interest in mind ALL the time."

"I got my life back."

"Before coming here, my anxiety was at such a high level, I was not functioning well. Now after going through the program I got my life back, and I am doing things I used to do."

"Most importantly, the people at The Healing House are the reason for my success." 

— Karen D.